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2013, Trends on web and mobile platforms

2013, Trends on web and mobile platforms

Blog article entry on: Feb 28, 2013

2012 was a big year all around the world, with the hugely anticipated end of the world based on the Mayan calendar that ended after a 5,125 year-long cycle to the worldwide domination of viral video Gangnam style on the internet.

2013 Trends on web and mobile platforms

The year was a big one for the digital industry as well that witnessed and roared through various design and technology trends that helped shaped our experiences and how we interact on the internet. Mobile platform was big in 2012 with more businesses taking a share of their presence on mobile platforms with a decision to have an extension to their brand going beyond computers.

The trend in 2012 affected how website design, development and contents are approached, the discussion went from platform specifics, desktop or mobile versions and resolutions to discussions relating to free content flow, retina display and responsive programming.

The guys at approached the top experts in the digital industry to predict the digital trends of 2013 for web and mobile platform. The experts discussed issues from design to technology, and web developments, platforms, content and their impact on website structure and design.

The red team would like to share with you the interview between and the top digital experts in the industry discussing the possible trends of 2013.

the red team always strives to keep on top of digital trends as they come and go but what really keeps us delivering the impact to your brand is how we help you discover the right mix and components to your digital marketing and applying our expertise to create a successful digital campaign with you.

It’s a good year to go digital , so drop us a line to discuss how we can give your brand impact in digital.

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