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Algoz – Creating Visual Brand Equity & Packaging Design

Algoz – Creating Visual Brand Equity & Packaging Design

Blog article entry on: Jan 15, 2014

Algoz Packaging

The red team was tasked with revolutionizing the Algoz Electronics brand equity and packaging design expressions.

red’s Creative Director, Lennart Schaberg, shares the story…

“The new packaging design of Algoz takes inspiration from both the high-tech, trend-setting, gaming industry as well as from the philosophy of the brand, “Cutting Edge Design meets Product Innovation”.

To enhance the at-shelf brand image and to guide the shopper buying process, the whole product portfolio was divided into easy to understand consumer group segments.

Each segment was created based on the target audience attributes.  A unique colour code and tailored information hierarchy was developed to differentiate and communicate key information at the point of sale.

This newly created visual equity not only allows the brand to grow it’s product portfolio in a structured way in the future but also provides a greater visual impact and brand story it lacked in previous packaging designs.”

View the work here

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