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Big C Vietnam – Brand Revitalization – ‘before & after’ Case Study

Big C Vietnam – Brand Revitalization – ‘before & after’ Case Study

Blog article entry on: May 13, 2014

Delivering on a core brand promise to provide every day low prices for all Vietnamese families’, Big C has grown to be the leading modern-trade retailer across Vietnam.

In order to stay in front, to communicate a more emotion-driven, modern and consistent brand image, key messages and store experience, Big C determined it was time to undertake a major initiative to revitalize its brand.

With millions of customers already familiar and loyal to the brand, Big C wished to both revitalize its brand to win new customers’ hearts, while building upon the brand equity and values that appealed so strongly to current customers.

The red brand builders team developed a refreshed brand positioning that inspired a new Brand Identity Guidelines Booklet to guide the Big C brand team in communicating its brand more consistently and effectively across retail stores, both externally and internally at point-of-sale, including at sales & promotions and private label communication touch-points.

Chris Elkin, Managing Director, red brand builders, commented, “The Big C logo was kept unchanged but its supporting colour palate, graphic transporter icons, tagline and key messages were revitalized and defined to create a communication system able to speak clearly and with emotion to its consumers, both enhancing the brand image appeal, while ensuring customers spent less time searching and more time enjoying browsing and buying the products they wanted.”

To guide the process of brand implementation, the red brand builder’s team also held extensive store visits and training workshops with the client team to ensure excellence and consistency in the final retail store environment and supporting communications.

Please view the results in our ‘before’ and ‘after’ Case Study here:

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