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Budweiser brings the FA CUP to life in Vietnam

Budweiser brings the FA CUP to life in Vietnam

Blog article entry on: May 3, 2013

Few people are as football crazy and beer loving as Vietnamese men.

To tap into this perfect combination, the red team are delighted to have supported Budweiser/ ABinBev Vietnam in their latest sales promotion and marketing campaign to communicate Bud’s ongoing sponsorship of perhaps the greatest and most glorious football tournament on earth – the FA Cup.

Budweiser brings the FA CUP to life in Vietnam

The red team worked closely with the ABinBev Vietnam team to highlight Budweiser’s ongoing partnership with the FA Cup through an integrated sales promotion, using strategic Point-of-Sales Materials (POSM) in combination with product packaging to bring greater impact™ at the point-of-sale in both traditional and modern trade retail outlets – to drive deeper brand consideration and sales.

Lenny Schaberg, red’s Creative Director, added, “Vietnam is an absolute football crazed nation and amongst the top beer consuming nations in the world. Thus the opportunity was there to bring the best of both local passions together with Budweiser to strongly connect the brand on a more emotional, deeper level with it’s Vietnamese, male target audience.”

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