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How to build brands in emerging markets – McKinsey Quarterly

How to build brands in emerging markets – McKinsey Quarterly

Blog article entry on: Oct 2, 2012

This week, McKinsey Quarterly shared some helpful insights into how to build your brand in emerging markets.

They make two key points to help your brand building:

“Companies that harness word-of-mouth effects, emphasize in-store execution, and get their brands onto shoppers’ short lists for initial consideration are more likely to capture the loyalty of emerging-market consumers.”

“When emerging-market consumers perceive a brand consistently and positively across the major touch points, including friends and family and the in-store experience, they are far more likely to choose that brand, profiting companies that spend smartly rather than heavily.”

To read the full article….

Click here to download Building brands in emerging markets’ in PDF.

Click here to visit the ‘Building brands in emerging markets’ on the McKinsey website. (Free registration required to view.)

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