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Chris Elkin speaks at Saigon Digital Marketers Conference

Chris Elkin speaks at Saigon Digital Marketers Conference

Blog article entry on: May 23, 2009

The SDM Conference is Vietnam’s first and largest interactive marketing and advertising event held twice a year to update local audiences regarding emerging trends from the digital world of brand building.

Chris Elkin from red | Brand Builders was invited by SDM to share the latest in Digital Brand Building – Tactics & Practices.

red’s presentation answered two critical digital brand building questions:

* Why is the digital channel so critical in brand building?
* What is the most effective processes to follow, to build your brand in the digital channel?

Following a positive response to the Conference, SDM plan to hold further events to foster the development of Digital Marketing talent and know-how in Vietnam.

Chris Elkin, Managing Director of red | Brand Builders commented “Internet usage across Vietnam has exploded. At the same time, the economic slow-down has challenged marketers to find new and more cost-effective ways to connect with their audiences. The digital channel represents a huge opportunity to engage a growing local audience and forge more emotional, ongoing relationships that can build brand equity and drive sales in the real world.”

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