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Cimigo share latest Vietnam Net Citizens research…

Cimigo share latest Vietnam Net Citizens research…

Blog article entry on: Jul 24, 2012

Cimigo Marketing Research have shared enlightening research on the increasing impact of the internet on Vietnamese consumer’s lives – effecting what they do online, where, when and how… They draw interesting analysis on what this means for your brand building…

Cimigo share latest Vietnam Net Citizens research

Key highlights for the red team are:

– The internet is no longer just used by ‘young’ Vietnam people – but 35+ year olds and ‘mums’ too
– Mobile access to the internet is growing fast (According to The Economist, it’s already the main way Chinese people access the internet. Read more here.
– Brand builders need to re-think how they market their brand and spend their media budgets to follow consumer eyeballs online
– Social networking as a means of self-expression and edutainment is blossoming – it’s time for all brand owners to ‘listen and engage’ with their target customers

Thank you from the red team to Cimigo Marketing Research for sharing.

Download a PDF of the Cimigo Net Citizens 2012 research  here.


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