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Craving & Guiltless – Vietnam’s Youth Generation Z

Craving & Guiltless – Vietnam’s Youth Generation Z

Blog article entry on: Sep 21, 2011

Born in the 90s and now 15 to 19 years old, Gen Z in Vietnam is the first generation starting to think like their global peers. Their attitudes highlight the start of a huge cultural shift in Vietnamese values.
Gen Z has been born into a more abundant world. More access to information and influencers. More focused on self identification than family values. More pressure to succeed than to conform.

Gen Z strives for independence, recognition, integration and inspiration. Cimigo’s report highlights 6 trends that characterize Generation Z;
1.Their hyper- connectivity (95% of them are online).
2.The quest for role models in a society where the generation gap is huge.
3.Self-definition and self assertion in a new value system where performance has become more important than conformity.
4.Experience-seeking as a means to gain knowledge and self-confidence.
5.Craving for newness (for the thrill of it but also in order to upgrade one’s lifestyle standards).
6.Guiltless self-indulgence, which clearly differs from the norms of a traditionally duty-oriented culture.

Cimigo Generation Z report also looks into youth expectations towards brands and provides a glance at potential implications for portfolio, communication and channels strategies.

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