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Doanh Nhan Sai Gon Cuoi Tuan interview Chris Elkin – MD of red brand builders

Doanh Nhan Sai Gon Cuoi Tuan interview Chris Elkin – MD of red brand builders

Blog article entry on: Sep 7, 2010

His passion for marketing and brand building drove Chris Elkin to eagerly explore different countries to explore life and culture everywhere as well as develop his working experience. Growing up in the tranquil countryside of Ireland, Chris started his career in London, then moved to Singapore. However, he never felt any place comfortable enough to keep him interested for long. The simple life and welcoming people of Vietnam changed his wandering ways and as a result, this country has becomes his home.

A debt of gratitude

5 years working in Ho Chi Minh City was long enough for Chris Elkin to find harmony and similarities between this city and his homeland. This young man from a tranquil and small town in Northern Ireland said, “Saigonians are quite similar to Irish people”. His homeland is lightly populated, but people made a special effort to know and watch after their neighbours. The Vietnamese people’s friendliness, courteousness, and happiness reminded him much of his own countrymen. Ireland has vast green meadows and idle herds of cows wandering along the street, images similar to those he recorded in the Vietnamese countryside. It is also part of the reason he and his fellow countrymen call Ireland, “an Asia from afar”.

Market analysis requires experts to understand the market. In his efforts to do so, Chris has visited many places throughout Vietnam. He was very impressed with the fresh air and cool mist in Sapa but he can also never forget the strong and hot rice alcohol he was enthusiastically invited by drink by the friendly people of Lai Chau Province. This young Irishman has also traveled around the provinces of the Mekong Delta, visited the floating market, and enjoyed the colourful lifestyle of the waterside provinces. Chris admires the simplicity and frugality of the countryside people. They have never showed off or attached much importance to appearance and material goods like people in other developed countries. A memory that he always remembers, and says he owes a debt of gratitude to, is when he was in a serious accidence in Vung Tau and strangers took care of him. People came to his aid, took care of him, and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. This was a very touching movement because while he was unconscious, people talked to him in English and made him feel like he was among close friends, rather than surrounded by strange people in a foreign country. Their warmth and kindness towards an unknown foreigner gave Chris a great respect for Vietnamese people’s humanity and hospitality.

Learn to be balanced in life

Although still young, Chris Elkin has contributed significantly to the brand building and marketing strategies for many famous brands. It can be said that many of the brands you find in the street have been built by Chris and his partners. The Managing Director from red brand builders has always been passionate and devoted to his work because he wants to connect people and turn images and ideas into effective messages for his clients’ projects. Building brands is also a chance for him to carry out social campaigns to improve people’s awareness about protecting the environment and helping those less fortunate.

The city’s growth in the past 5 years keeps Chris interested because he has to be dynamic and exert himself to promote his own abilities in order to keep up with the market. However, he does feel some small problems have arisen. For example, the city is getting overloaded, urban life is losing its leisurely feel, and people must now cope with the stress of a busy life.

Chris feels that success and happiness only come when we know how balance in life as well as be as optimistic and simple as possible. To him, everytime he forgets something that should be a priority, he feels blue and moody. He says, “earning to be balanced will help us get through difficult times. After all, priorities in life are not only about earning much money but about love, friendship, and being happy.”

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