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Emotional trumps functional TV advertising in Vietnam / Asia

Emotional trumps functional TV advertising in Vietnam / Asia

Blog article entry on: Apr 10, 2013

The red team enjoyed ourselves recently at a Cimigo first preview of “AsiaMotion”. A market research study that uses leading edge facial imaging technology to read customer emotional reactions to the advertising their watching on TV.

Emotional trumps functional TV advertising in Vietnam - Asia

The study shared that…

– TV ads that follow engaging story-telling with emotional engagement trump those TV ads that are functionally focused.

– TV ads that concentrate on the functional (too much product benefits) and do not engage emotionally often generate quite high levels of negative emotion during the branding sequence, impacting brand perceptions.

– When there is a difficult message to convey, it is important to consider the most effective way to use emotion to reinforce believability towards the claim itself – directly stating the claim ‘rationally’ alone does not work.

Here’s how the study measures emotional reactions to TV commercials

Here’s the full study details…

‘AsiaEmotion’ is a major study of advertising in Asia, including Vietnam, explicitly aimed at using scientific techniques to unravel the emotional codes of advertising in Asia, enabling agencies to create much more engaging advertising. Gordon and McCallum have joined forces with Asian market research firm, Cimigo, to bring the new technology to advertisers across Asia. Using leading edge facial imaging technology, developed by n-Viso, which is based on Dr. Ekman’s (of ‘Lie to Me’ fame) theories of emotional response.

Check out the website:

For those of you who don’t know who Cimigo is yet…

Cimigo is an independent team of 250 marketing research and branding specialists operating throughout Asia Pacific since 2003. Cimigo is the largest and most respected independent research firm in Asia. Cimigo provides insight into brand communications development across Asia.

Check out their website:

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