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Hoàn Hảo re-brand, packaging and launch

Hoàn Hảo re-brand, packaging and launch

Blog article entry on: Jul 2, 2013

Hoàn Hảo re-brand, packaging and launch

In deep collaboration with the client team, red observed, met and listened to coffee shop trade customers – the gatekeepers to end-consumers visiting their café’s . Competitor feedback and route-to-market issues were also appraised. Overall, the client and red team gained deep insights into the barriers and drivers of the current brand, packaging and product offering amongst the target customers.

In reaction to the market learning’s gained, the brand positioning and product mix were then enhanced and tested to fit strongly with local expectations regarding perceived product richness, taste, viscosity, blend-with-coffee and overall customer satisfaction.

Hoàn Hảo was repositioned around the brand proposition of “Mastering the art of making coffee”.

To express the new brand positioning, the red team created a modernized brand logo design, identity system, packaging design and re-launch communications.

The initial communications focused on strongly encouraging coffee shop owners to reconsider, use and recommend the new product – to make their coffee shop clientele feel happier and more complete with their coffee choice.

View the full work here.

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