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How to understand Tet-time Consumer Habits

How to understand Tet-time Consumer Habits

Blog article entry on: Feb 24, 2010

FTA Research recently shared some insightful new research into understanding what drives Vietnamese consumer ‘Tet Holiday Habits’

Brands that truly understand their target customer behavior at this most important important holiday time in Vietnam have the opportunity to really stand out from the Tet time clutter and make a big impact – the difference between an average year or a great year for their brand…

How to understand Tet-time Consumer Habits

The FTA ‘Tet Time’ Research shares:
–       Perception of Tet holidays
–       Product usually buying before Tet
–       Shopping period before Tet
–       Tet’s shopping location, Shopping products for Tet gift-giving
–       Activities during Tet holidays
–       Expenditure for Tet, Salary & Bonus

The research can be downloaded for free here:


The study was conducted amongst general population (Age: 20 – 45, Economic class: ABCD) in 3 big cities of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang) with the sample size N=300 (split equally for each city).

Thank for for sharing FTA Research.

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