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ILA English Language School | Yes I Can | Vietnam

ILA English Language School | Yes I Can | Vietnam

Blog article entry on: Oct 5, 2009

The ILA English Language School has rejuvenated its brand in Vietnam with an integrated campaign that emphasises the importance of the language among children.

Branding and marketing agency red | Brand Builders has been tasked with rebuilding the image of ILA’s education centre last year. The objective is to build “a more ‘premium’ feel” and “opens up a world of opportunities throughout a lifetime” as managing director Chris Elkin describes.

The new direction revolves around the idea of ‘eduction for life’. Through television, print, and digital efforts, the campaign is aiming to increase the brand presence for the beginning of the school year.

red | Brand Buildres noted that the middle class in Vietnam is growing rapidly and are willing to spend more on tuition to ensure a better future for their children. English will give a competitive edge to students in the long run.

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