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Insights to plan TET Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Insights to plan TET Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Blog article entry on: Jun 19, 2013

Insights to plan TET Holiday Marketing Campaigns

TET Holiday time is the most meaningful and important holiday for Vietnamese people.

Is also often the most important branding and marketing commercial opportunity for brands in Vietnam to raise awareness, connect on a more emotional level with their audience and drive sales.

As it’s such an important time of year for brands, branding and marketing planning often needs to start months in advance.

We thought we’d share some useful insights from FTA Research that can help you to master your next TET Holiday Campaign for maximum brand impact….

The FTA TET Holiday Research Report includes:

– The changing meaning of TET Holidays

– Advertising during the TET Season

– Symbols strongly associated with TET

– Activities during TET Holidays

– Product Shopping, including Occasion, Location and Gifting

– Beverages for TET Gifting

Thank you to FTA Research for sharing.

Please contact the red team to discover how we can support you in branding, packaging and marketing your next TET Campaign.

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