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Marketing is an ‘Investment’ Process

Marketing is an ‘Investment’ Process

Blog article entry on: Sep 1, 2009

Auscham Vietnam, 2nd Quarter 2009 Newsletter, by Marc Gough, Chairman red | Brand Builders

We all work in marketing, whether we like to think so or not. We build our personal brand / our family brand / our business brand / our worthy cause brand… through all of the interactions we have with others. And when the time comes that we need support, or recognition, we find out what kind of job we’ve done – whether people understand us, what we stand for and believe in, and want to be a part of our story.

Marketing is an ‘Investment’ Process

Interestingly most people do not understand that brand building is a science. They think of ‘creative’ people in the narrow sense of those who paint or write, rather than of craftspeople and engineers who ‘design and build’ to meet a need. Coca Cola’s success since 1886 is not a happy ‘creative’ accident, nor is HSBC’s or Mercedes Benz. They research and dig for insights so that they understand our needs, then invest in designing and building their brands to meet those needs….

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