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Merging of “offline” and “online” trading – why not?

Merging of “offline” and “online” trading – why not?

Blog article entry on: May 6, 2014

With the increase ofInternet users, e-commerce seems to be a new trend of trading in Vietnam which helps companies earn big money in the past year or so.

Meanwhile, big & well-known e-commerce companies have been opening stores across Vietnam. So, what is the best business method for your business in Vietnam market?  TechInAsia share some perspectives in the following article…

Recently, the Internet is getting more popular in Vietnam. Everyone in big cities or small villages can easily access to the Internet via their cellphone, compute, or any other hi-tech devices. According to the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) by February 2012 there was nearly 34% of the population (31 million people) used the Internet comparing with 16,7% of the population in 2007.

People spend more time to “surf” the Internet than the past 5 years to do research, to read online news, to listen to online music & movies and many more. Thus, marketers see “online market” is a potential to introduce, promote & sell their products/service to their target customers.

This way keeps an important role of companies in doing their business. For example, the massive mobile retailer Thegioididong or called Mobileworld gained $60 billion in 2013 which was 15% of their total revenue in that year. The company focuses more on selling online by updating product list, photo, prize, technical information so consumers can easily find suitable product(s) for them. With a credit card account, consumers can pay for the products I chose. Then, purchased item(s) will be delivered to their home at appointed time.

On the other hand, VatGia, Lazada and Tiki – key players in ecommerce have been entering space from “online” to “offline” with a chain of “offline” stores across Vietnam. This method helps them to penetrate the bigger market consumer. Actual stores helps them to gain customers’ trust which can support their online business. In addition. In Vietnam market, trading things online seems to be new with most of consumers who are familiar with;

o Physical face with products they plan to buy
o Using cash in trading rather than credit card
o Quickly & easily stopping at stores to buy their needed items

Vietnam is on the road of developing, learning and observing the development in the world especially in commerce. Thus, there is a merging of traditional and new habit of consumers in buying things – known as “offline” and “online” business. With advantages with these methods, it is clear that organizations in Vietnam are trying to expand their business both “online” and “offline” and it continues to be the trend in the near future.

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