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Mobile ad market in Vietnam prospers

Mobile ad market in Vietnam prospers

Blog article entry on: Jun 5, 2013

Mobile ad market in Vietnam prospers

The supporting factors

Vietnam in recent years has been witnessing the so called “smart phone boom” with the sharp increase in the number of products hitting the market and the diversification of the products. Smart phones have been used not only by high income earners but also by the people with medium income levels thanks to the low cost models marketed by Samsung, Nokia or LG.

Analysts have commented that it’s getting easier than ever to use smart phones nowadays. A report of, the biggest mobile phone distribution chain in Vietnam, showed that while smart phones only amounted to 12 percent of the total mobile phones sold in the first months of 2012, the figure rose to 30 percent at the end of the year, while it is expected to continue increasing in 2013.

The analysts have also pointed out that mobile phones have become the most favorite communication channel for Vietnamese, who have discovered that personal computers and laptops cannot have the large coverage like mobile phones.

A survey of InMobile showed that 35 percent of Vietnamese think mobile phone is the favorite communication channel which would develop strongly in the time to come. The declines of other traditional communication channels such as print newspaper and radio (to 25 percent), TV(25 percent) and laptop (18 percent) have also led to the rise of mobile phones as the favorite communication channel.

In the past, 3G networks were only developed in big cities and urban areas, which made it really difficult to access Internet through mobile phones. However, things have changed. With 3G and GPRS services reaching out to all localities nationwide, it’s now much easier and more convenient to access to Internet anytime and anywhere.

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