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Pitching – like getting married after one blind date

Pitching – like getting married after one blind date

Blog article entry on: Dec 4, 2013

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Long Yun Siang’s (pictured, right) decision not to pitch might raise a few eyebrows in the industry, especially since many other businesses get clients through pitches.

However, he feels if the creative industry wants to push the business model into the professional league, it should operate like that of professionals such as lawyers, doctors and accountants, who don’t pitch for their work.

“Pitching is like getting married after one blind date,” Long explains. “We don’t ask an accounting firm to pitch for our work or a doctor to pitch to get to treat us, do we?”

It goes without saying that Long understands that many companies have policies to adhere to which he respects, but adding he’d rather work on small projects that allow clients to know them better.

Roar Point was founded in 2009 by Long and Ng Wan Hoon (pictured, left). The company name is meant to reflect the advertising landscape and having a roar that is relevant to consumers.

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