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red and Cimigo host “Digital Vietnam 2008”

red and Cimigo host “Digital Vietnam 2008”

Blog article entry on: Dec 2, 2008

Walk by a Vietnamese café and it’s guaranteed to be packed full of internet users, but it’s the unseen users who are altering Vietnam’s online landscape. Internet use in Vietnam is growing exponentially, it is no longer solely the domain of the would be online samurai.

Four in ten Vietnamese now surf the web weekly, and the numbers are much higher among Vietnam’s huge 15-24 year old population where 8 in 10 are online at least weekly.

With fast access becoming ubiquitous (91% of users use an ADSL connection) users remain online for longer. 2.5 – 3 hours per online session is usual.

“Internet use is rising exponentially,” says Richard Burrage, Cimigo’s managing director, “it is the youth that are leading the change in the online landscape”

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