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red brand builders appoint Creative Director

red brand builders appoint Creative Director

Blog article entry on: Dec 16, 2010

red brand builders appoint Creative Director


red brand builders has appointed a new creative director, Lee Whitfield. In his role, Whitfield will oversee the creative team and lead the entire creative process at red, from creative direction, to production.

He brings with him over 20 years of brand building experience, working with clients such as Sharp, Kodak, BBC and Philips. Prior to this, Whitfield set up his own agency in Manchester, DNA, in 2000. Building on his entertainment background, the agency branched out into fashion, retail and real estate. The agency won awards in the UK and USA for its environmental work in the entertainment lighting sector.

Whilst working at DNA, Whitfield became a founding partner in film2fone. Predicting the era of the smartphone, the company blazed a trail of innovation and the company quickly attracted clients like Jordan F1 and ITV whilst impressing companies like Red Bull and Dreamworks with their forward thinking ideas and holistic approach to mobile content delivery.

“Working here is an incredible experience. With advertising in the West a mature business that everyone understands, to return to the point where the market is less mature and people are just learning the business is a real eye-opener. Whilst advertising has clearly made huge leaps forward over the last decade, in Vietnam, the challenges in production and spreading the brand building message are considerable, if Western standards are to be reached,” he said.

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