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red gives Orangina ‘natural alternative’

red gives Orangina ‘natural alternative’

Blog article entry on: Jun 6, 2008

Vietnam – Vietnam Brewery has launched a red Brand Buidlers-created print campaign to reposition Orangina as a premium, healthy alternative.

red gives Orangina 'natural alternative'

The concept ‘The natural alternative’ plays on the natural aspects of the Orangina brand by mixing the iconic teardrop bottle with a real orange and leaf.

The campaign, which targets the young and health-conscious, is phase one of a brand positioning effort while phase two will include red Brand Builders developing point-of-sales materials and merchandising to target out-of-home and modern trade channels. This goes live in the coming months.

“We are seeing a growing trend emerge amongst urban Vietnamese youth to explore new, healthier, alternative lifestyles. This is reflected in many ways, from the huge boom in personal health care products and gym memberships to how people are eating and drinking. The price for a healthier life may come with a price tag but with living standards improving, the Vietnamese are prepared to pay for it,” Chris Elkin, MD for red, said.

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