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red launch Apollo English ‘Meet The Teachers’ Campaign

red launch Apollo English ‘Meet The Teachers’ Campaign

Blog article entry on: Aug 27, 2012

red’s partnership with Apollo English and the mutual success over the last few years is based on creating innovative ideas and providing key insights through our brand building with impact™process, taking on a category that is overloaded with cliché imagery and me-too functional communication approaches.

To follow up on the success of the last thematic campaign that focused of the confidence that Apollo English gives it’s students, red developed an eye catchingly art directed campaign that communicated the key benefit of studying at Apollo – the 100 % foreign teachers and how they bring real confidence to their students.

The work focuses on the key insights of each demographic that can study at Apollo English and their likes and dislikes towards English education and their future hopes and dreams.

These insights gave birth to the vivid art direction that communicates the student’s gratitude towards their Apollo teachers in achieving their goals from small dreams to real achievements and how Apollo’s Teachers were part of their personal journey to success.

The work resulted in a storm of requests for free ‘Get-To-Know-The-Teacher Demo Classes’ that the audience could reserve online at the Apollo English website.

You can meet the Apollo Teacher’s online here:

red launch Apollo English ‘Meet The Teachers Campaign

red launch Apollo English Meet The Teachers Campaign 02

red launch Apollo English ‘Meet The Teachers’ Campaign 03

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