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red team launch Budweiser ‘Year of the Horse’ – Tet campaign

red team launch Budweiser ‘Year of the Horse’ – Tet campaign

Blog article entry on: Jan 17, 2014

Budweiser Tet Year of the Horse Promotion Campaign

Budweiser Vietnam’s ‘Year of the Horse’ Tet promotion campaign has been launched by the red brand builders’ team around a promotional gift-pack mechanic, featuring a limited edition packaging design, premium glass and can.

All communication touch points focused on promoting the limited edition gift pack and Tet promotional offerings through traditional & modern retail and HORECA trade channels.

“We blended traditional Tet colours and messaging together with key visual elements of the Budweiser brand; celebrating the ‘Year of the Horse’ with the famous Clydesdale’s Horses, long associated with the Budweiser brand around the world.” Commented Chris Elkin, Managing Director, red brand builders.

A modern trade channel, merchandising sales-island was also created, including video advertising clip adaptations from the Greater China market, to give the brand multi-media impact at key points of sale.

Special Tet food menu offerings were also promoted in the HORECA channel to help build brand awareness and to trigger sales throughout the festive season.

View the work here

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