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red share knowhow with local students

red share knowhow with local students

Blog article entry on: Sep 17, 2009

At the request of Tran Hoang Chairman & CEO VietnamMarcom, red | Brand Builders have been sharing a series of lectures with local students on the most effective ways to build and market brands successfully.

The first lecture, given by Chris Elkin, red | Brand Builders Managing Director, shared learning’s with students on the increasingly important subject of building brands through digital channels.

“Putting your target audience attitudes, demographics, and digital behavior at the heart of your marketing planning is becoming more important by the day. Brands need to think more strategically and develop an online value proposition that extends what they offer in the real world to create unique online benefits and new experiences that deepen their brand relationships.” said Chris Elkin, red’s Managing Director.

red plan to support VietnamMarcom students again in the near future with further marketing and branding related lectures.

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