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red support Zidean digital painting contest

red support Zidean digital painting contest

Blog article entry on: Nov 29, 2008

In early December 2008, red came together in partnership with Zidean Art to support and foster the talents of the best, young ‘digital’ artists.

A digital painting contest was held to discover the best digital artistic talent in Ho Chi Minh City.

Opening November 29th, entitled “Sleepwalker & The Myths”, an exhibition of the award winning work was held at the Van Gallery on Chu Manh Trinh street.

“The talent and artistic work that has been pulled together has been outstanding.” commented Nguyen Duc Vinh, Snr. Client Representative Manager at red | Brand Builders. “The red Team are proud to help digital artists in Vietnam explore and develop their talents and look forward to being at the heart of this emerging ‘digital’ artistic movement in the years to come.”

A selection of the Zidean Art groups work can be viewed here:

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