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Why should real estate brands allocate budget to brand building?

Why should real estate brands allocate budget to brand building?

Blog article entry on: Nov 2, 2011

Why should real estate brands allocate budget to brand building

Recently red brand builders were asked to comment on real estate brand development by Kinh tế Sài Gòn Newspaper.

The full article was published on their website in Vietnamese language here:

We’ve had so many requests for the article in English, we thought we’d translated it and share it with you here:

Why should real estate brands allocate sufficient budget to brand development?

In an increasingly competitive and crowded market, understanding what drives your target audiences brand choice is key. With plentiful options for real estate on the market, it would be naive to underestimate how discerning buyers have grown. Creating a real estate brand with a difference is key. Audiences are hardwired to notice only what is different.

red brand builders have created some of the most successful real estate brands to-date, transforming a variety of projects into profitable winning brands. Most recently these achievements were recognised when red was awarded the “Best Property Consultancy Marketing in Asia Pacific” at the Bloomberg TV, International Property Awards in Shanghai, in conjunction with Savills for our work in developing The Crescent brand. red achieved this using a proprietary 3-step ‘Impact’ process. A process that helps ensure your brand takes its audience from first IMPression to lasting ACTion.

Within the real estate market, making that shift from selling a product to owning a brand is not always seen as priority. Traditional methods for real estate sales have focused on communicating product features and benefits through print ads, brochures, a model house or showroom, all helped by the sales agent. But this is no longer enough. The sheer quantity and quality of projects on the market means that developers must compete on brand as much as on product. Customers are buying a lifestyle, investing in their future, and if your project fails to connect with them at an emotional level, your competition just might.

At the heart of reds brand building ‘Impact’ process is your audience, because brands with impact have strong personalities built upon emotional connections with their target audiences. So how do you build brands with impact? “first you need to understand the needs of your target consumer, and then how to build and position your brand so that it speaks to them – heart to heart” saysChris Elkin, Managing Director at red brand builders, “ultimately a real estate purchase is like a marriage – both head and heart are involved – and the ultimate result is a love affair between consumer and brand that create respect and loyalty in the long term – turning consumers into sales agents for the brand ”.

Without focus on the vision your project is creating, it will be difficult to create a strong and lasting emotional connection with your audiences. The vision of your project should be captured and expressed in your brand.

By building your brand you are able to define what you need to say and align your whole team around the same set of messages – which then flow through to collateral and online communications. By knowing what your brand stands for, you will be more efficient and effective. Leading your communications with vision builds brand consistency and helps build your brand’s story.

By making it easy for your audience to reach you, across multiple touch points, be it a print ad or social media, you can truly engage and connect at moments that matter to them.

At red we have developed a set of processes that help you define and connect your brand strategy to great creative outcomes with impact – because building your brand is the most important thing in our world.

Feel welcome to view some of red’s recent real estate branding, award winning work for The Crescent and Danang Beach Resort.

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