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State of social networks in Southeast Asia

State of social networks in Southeast Asia

Blog article entry on: Dec 9, 2013

State Social Network

Are you curious about which social network is the most popular in each country in South East Asia? Do we see Facebook domination across countries or we have different pictures for each country?

Chandler Nguyen attempts to answer that question by using data from GlobalWebIndex. Before looking at the statistics, it’s important to understand that GlobalWebIndex uses Panel based questionnaire and some data from third parties.

Active user is defined as someone who uses/contributes to a social network in the last 1 month using either PC/Laptop/Mobile.

One user could use multiple social networks at any given time.

Chandler has great news for you if you are big on Mobile First for APAC. GlobalWebIndex does have data for some of the Mobile First Social Networks as well.

Read the full article here:


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