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Technip go overseas – a brand new approach from red

Technip go overseas – a brand new approach from red

Blog article entry on: Sep 17, 2013

Technip Nippers Manufacturing

In a time when Vietnamese manufacturers are often relying only on price point alone to make their products appeal to the international market, Technip Nipper Manufacturing wanted to sharpen their strategy and brand appeal to approach international buyers with pride.

red brand builders were tasked to create a cutting edge new brand identity and logo design to give the brand added international credentials and underline its European standards of precision and product quality.

red brand builders’ work included a new logo and brand identity design and visual language to support the brand across various packaging design, communication channels and materials.

A precise brand identity style guide design was created to deliver the new brand promise and build a platform for future communications.

Francia Beauty, the mother company of Technip, together with red brand builders restructured their brand portfolio and brand architecture to ultimately appeal to new, international markets, capable of competing not only on price but brand and product quality too.

View the work here.

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