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Việtcup – From Vietnam with love

Việtcup – From Vietnam with love

Blog article entry on: May 2, 2013

The red team are delighted to see the creation and launch of the Việtcup 3 in 1 Coffee brand – created by the red team in partnership with Sundo Foods JSC.

Việtcup – From Vietnam with love Việtcup – From Vietnam with love 02

Tapping into the red team’s long experience in the Vietnamese coffee category, red created the brand logo, supporting brand identity system and packaging design using our proprietary impact™ process to appeal to middle-class Vietnamese and people overseas with a taste for authentic Vietnamese coffee, in a convenient format, at a value-for-money price point.

Aside from leveraging a punchy, easy to link brand name, (Việtcup) the brand personality and packaging drew on the strong heritage of Vietnamese coffee culture and expressed it through simple, historical graphics, including pictures of the mountainous regions of Dac Lac where Việtcup and some of the finest coffee is cultivated in Vietnam.
Lenny Schaberg, red’s Creative Director, added, “Rich aroma and taste cues also played an important role in the conceptualization of the brand logo, identity system and packaging design – inspiring a rich colour palette and distinctive aromatic graphic shape and logo device to enforce the brand’s proposition as an enjoyable ‘Authentic Coffee from Vietnam’ choice.”

Check out this previous ‘brandbits’ slideshare for more insight on red’s approach to creating Packaging Design with impact™.

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