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Vietnam Trends in Education – International & Domestic

Vietnam Trends in Education – International & Domestic

Blog article entry on: Jun 17, 2013

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Some interesting trends for all the education fans out there from Word Education News

Here’s a some highlights:

– Vietnam is  currently one of the fastest growing sources of international students for U.S.  institutions of higher education,  the 8th largest sender, only just behind Japan

– Since the turn  of the century, international student numbers have jumped by 675 percent

– Vietnam will continue to be an important market for educational institutions  looking to diversify their international student body

“Vietnam is  a country in transition. It has an economy that was once red hot, but has  recently suffered setbacks related to the global financial crisis, bad debt and  a lack of trained labor qualified to propel industry forward. The Vietnamese  government is focused on improving quality standards in education and  refocusing training on priority areas such as foreign language acquisition,  science and technology instruction, and the expansion of vocational training.

Vietnamese society  continues to place a high value on education, and while growth trends in  international enrollments have tapered in recent years compared to the  breakneck increases of the second half of the last decade, renewed global  economic growth should allow Vietnam to reassert itself as an international,  low-cost manufacturing hub. Subsequent increases in gross national income are  likely to be invested in part in overseas training for the next generation.”   Commented Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News & Reviews.

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