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Word Magazine digs into Vietnam ‘Advertising Archetypes’

Word Magazine digs into Vietnam ‘Advertising Archetypes’

Blog article entry on: Jul 23, 2013

Word Magazine digs into Vietnam Advertising Archetypes

A funny and insightful read….

“Know your beer girls from your bank shills, and your noodle slurps from your ‘burbs bakers’ The Word Magazine shares an intro’ guide to more common advertising archetypes from around Vietnam’s streets.

The article covers… what advertising does:

A) Attract Attention and stimulate interest

B) Provide a model situation in which the view forms an emotional connection to the image

C) Radiate solidarity

And the Advertising Billboard Archetypes  that exist out there include….

– The Innocent

– Human Billboards

– The Sage

– The Lover

Read the full article below:

Download (PDF, 4.06MB)

Thanks to Word Magazine for sharing.

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