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Apollo English - Meet the Teachers marketing campaign

Scope of work:
marketing campaign

With a growing demand for quality, international-standard English language skills, red continued their long-term partnership with Apollo English with the opportunity to leverage Apollo’s 100 % foreign teachers.

red developed an eye catching campaign that communicated the key benefit of studying at Apollo – the 100 % foreign teachers and how they bring real confidence to their students.

The work focuses on the key insights from each demographic that can study at Apollo.

These insights gave birth to the vivid art direction and messaging that communicates the student’s gratitude towards their Apollo teachers in helping them to achieve their personal goals and dreams. The work resulted in a storm of requests for free ‘Get-To-Know-The-Teacher Demo Classes’ that the audience could reserve online at the Apollo English website here:

Apollo English - Meet the Teachers Marketing CampaignApollo English - Meet the Teachers Marketing Campaign 2Apollo English - Meet the Teachers Marketing Campaign 3
Apollo English - marketing campaign

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