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Apollo English - Overseas Summer camp off-line & online advertising campaign

Scope of work:
web design | web production | digital strategy | advertising campaign

Apollo English, Vietnam’s leading English language school, needed to break through a competitive market-place to promote the Apollo ‘Overseas Study in Summer’ program. The program offers young Vietnamese aged 8-17 to go on an overseas ‘summer camp’ to learn English more fluently with native English speakers in a range of countries, from UK to Australia.

red developed an off-line and online advertising campaign concept using a visitor ‘scrap book’ to illustrate the target audience with new friends overseas and the excitement, sense of adventure and happy memories they could bring back from their travels.

The integrated campaign ran nationwide in both print advertising, website design & development and digital media that was targeted towards the students and their paying parents.

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Apollo English - web design | web production | digital strategy | advertising campaign

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