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Budweiser advertising campaign "The King never looked so good"

Scope of work:
brand positioning | brand design | POSM | retail branding

During the largest and most anticipated promotional period of the year red helped Budweiser to stimulate sales, further positioning it as the ideal beverage to share and celebrate with. By blending traditional Tet imagery, colours and messaging together with key elements of the Budweiser brand, a new visual style was created that identified with the local market.

Leveraging cultural elements and the brands strong positioning as the “King of Beers”, the new brand packaging ensured Budweiser communicated directly with their audience during this gift-giving season.

At the heart of the design a masculine golden dragon stands alongside traditional brand imagery and is further complemented by a strong Tet symbol, the peach blossom.

The result is a blend of tradition with an international brand and a premium appeal. A further special gift pack helped launched this new visual style into the market, achieving successful sales at retail outlets throughout Vietnam. The “King of Beers” became the “King of Choice”.

Budweiser Advertising Campaign
Budweiser - brand positioning | brand design | POSM | retail branding

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