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Commonwealth Bank advertising campaign

Scope of work:
advertising campaign | concept creation | concept development

To reach new customers and retain current customers through the added convenience brought to busy lives through internet-based banking services.

The red impact™ process discovered that the ultimate benefit of personal time saving from online banking far outweighs the functional benefits like customer ease of use or security concerns. This key insight inspired the advertising campaign idea to focus on the valuable time the customer gets back from online banking so that they can do what really matters most in life… with family and friends.

Hence, The red team created a “more time for my family & friends” advertising campaign concept.

The advertising concept was developed into print and online communication pieces, without the usual visuals of laptops, instead focusing on illustrating moments that really matter to people who don’t have to waste time on meaningless banking tasks at the branch.

Commonwealth Bank - advertising campaign | concept creation | concept development

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