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COSY Cookies re-branding & packaging design for TET

Scope of work:
packaging design | brand evolution

With Vietnam’s TET festive season just around the corner, the red brand builder’s team is proud to successfully re-brand and package COSY Cookies in partnership with Kinh Do Corporation.

Chris Elkin, Managing Director, red brand builders,  commented, “The COSY Cookies brand is now firmly positioned in the market as the favorite family gifting treat during the Tet New Year season and thus the new packaging design strongly features the festive seasons’ favorite colour – red – throughout.”

Lenny Schaberg, Creative Director, red brand builders, added, “The branding evolution and packaging re-design communication focused more on creating  a premium look through product photography and consistent SKU colour coding for the existing variants, as well as creating a color coding platform for future portfolio variants.”

View the Kinh Do website for further information

Cosy Cookies Packaging SKU Key VisualCosy Cookies Packaging EvolutionCosy Cookies SKU FlavorsCosy Cookies Packaging SKU
Cosy Cookies - packaging design | brand evolution

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