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Aeroplane Jelly "I like Aeroplane Jelly" brand design

Scope of work:
brand identity | brand positioning | brand design | packaging design

Aeroplane Jelly is one of Australia’s most loved brands, with over 70% market share in the Jelly Category but the brand needed to feel younger, healthier and attractive to new mums and their kids.

red created an enduring master brand and identity for Aeroplane, enabling the brand to simplify, feel younger and increase impact, by combining diverse packaging and brand designs across several ranges, into a single consistent and instantly recognisable logotype.


The connection mums and kids felt for the brand ensured the brand lived up to it’s tagline “I like Aeroplane Jelly.”

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Aeroplane Jelly Brand Design 1Aeroplane Jelly Brand Design 2Aeroplane Jelly Brand Design 3Aeroplane Jelly Brand Design 4Aeroplane Jelly Brand Design 5
Aeroplane Jelly - brand identity | brand positioning | brand design | packaging design

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