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Melia Seasonal Collection advertising campaign

Scope of work:
advertising campaign | brand design | photography | concept development

red were presented with the task to refresh the Melia Seasonal Collection advertising campaign. Previous campaigns were disconnected and inconsistent, split into too many singular short-run communications. This led to less brand traction in the market and seasonal collections being mostly overlooked.

Together with Melia, red developed a new plan to tighten the communication timeline of each collection to get maximum market traction and push the new campaigns over a longer but more focused time frame, following more consistent branding guidelines.

red took the brand’s clean and elegant positioning as a beacon to lead the development of a vivid expression where ‘colour meets style’.

The images ,produced in partnership with,international production partners and a highly regarded fashion photographer from Paris to ensure highest quality standards. The new set of seasonal collection images now reflect a focused and unique brand expression that invites the target into the beautiful high end world of Melia nail polish products.

Melia - advertising campaign | brand design | photography | concept development

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