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red brings Tet to Co.Op Mart

Red was briefed to bring TET to Co.Op Mart across Vietnam at the most important sales promotion period of the year.
Scope of work:
TET branding at retail point of sale

The task was to express the meaning of “Connecting and sharing dedicated services at TET”. And in associating with community – oriented activities, Co.Op Mart wanted to bring a complete and meaningful Tet to all families.

The three core values of Co.Op Mart was to:
+ Engage with consumers with variable, good quality and well supplied products.
+ Value- added services as gift wrapping, delivery, order, promotion and mobile app.
+ Good consumer services.

To prepare for the upcoming traditional Tet of 2016, Saigon Co.op wanted to decorate the whole Co.Op Mart chain in Vietnam with the main concept: “Vietnamese Tet – Connecting All Families”

According to Vietnamese Tet tradition, people still hope to reunion with their family on 3-day Tet vacation to pray in front of their ancestry altar or to look at their house where they were born and live during their childhood to recall memories that are full of love, despite whatever they do or wherever they are.

Tet is the time for people to look back their activities last year, to greet a new year with good hope for their own and the community.

Tet has a bustle and hurry atmosphere, from the shopping, house decoration, food preparation to far-away family members welcome activities.

Saigon Co.Op - TET branding at retail point of sale

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