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red create Vietnam’s first 100% Organic Milk brand

Vinamilk’s 100% Organic Milk branding and packaging design has been created by red brand builders to support the growing demand for fresh, healthy, 100% organic produce amongst Vietnam’s increasingly health conscious middle-class.
Scope of work:
Branding | packaging design | design

red worked closely with the Vinamilk client team to create a distinctive and attractive ‘farm-fresh’ look and feel for the brand design and packaging design.  Natural, fresh, farm-scenes and cows were utilized to support an appealing tone and manner, with a clear communication hierarchy to deliver the key brand benefits and product story on the back-of-pack.

Chris Elkin, Managing Director of red brand builders noted, “The red has brought a great number of Vinamilk brands to the shelf in recent years and we are proud to create and design Vietnam’s first 100% Organic brand.   We are delighted to see if succeed so well amongst the Vietnamese target audience.

Vinamilk - Branding | packaging design | design

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