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red refresh Vinamilk’s VFresh 100% packaging design

Vinamilk’s VFresh packaging design was redesigned by red brand builders to support the market-segment leaders enhanced “100% Fresh” brand positioning.
Scope of work:
Branding | packaging design | design

red worked closely with the Vinamilk client team to premiumise and and simplify the packaging design communication hierarchy to accentuate the freshness, increased fruit-weight-content and quality of the VFresh fruit juice range.

The red team created VFresh Orang, Apple, Grap and Mixed-Vegetable packaging design variants to feel both ‘international standard’ in tone and manner, while appealing strongly to local Vietnamese tastes.

Chris Elkin, Managing Director of red brand builders noted, “The red has brought a great number of Vinamilk brands to the shelf in recent years and we are proud to re-package and help cement the market-leadership of VFresh in the Vietnamese market-place in 2016 too.”

Vinamilk - Branding | packaging design | design

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