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red re-launches Vinamilk’s Plain Yoghurt packaging design

Vinamilk’s Plain Yoghurt packaging was redesigned by red brand builders with the goal of integrating stronger natural and freshness cues with a new European fermentation process.
Scope of work:
Branding, packaging design, design

The brand’s new benefit was the natural fermentation using Bulcaricus milk bacteria originating from Eastern Europe.

This was supported in the packaging through a mountain range giving the needed cues to communicate natural, European heritage.The product itself was showcased in two yoghurt glasses that are commonly used in Vietnam for homemade yoghurt; thus helping to reinforce the natural feeling of the product and drive appetite appeal.

Lennart Schaberg, Creative Director, red brand builders, commented,

“We used two glasses of yoghurt instead of one simply to show that Vinamilk is a family brand that understands Vietnamese traditions and families. Yoghurt is enjoyed together in the morning with mom and kids or after a meal by couples.”

Vinamilk - Branding, packaging design, design

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