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red re-launches Vinamilk’s Probi packaging design

Vinamilk’s Probi packagings has been redesigned by the red team with the goal of integrating stronger natural and freshness cues with a new European fermentation process.
Scope of work:
Branding | packaging design | design

Vinamilk’s Probi packaging was redesigned by red brand builders to support the new product position of “Enhance immune system & Boost digestive system” with a modern European probiotics technology.

The current Probi includes 2 main products drinking yogurt and eating yogurt which are added  up to 13 billion live L.CASEI 431® from Denmark, no preservatives and protect your family health completely.


Thus, the packaging design express a strong visual experience of natural, fresh and healthy yogurt through the yogurt glass and spoon for the eating yogurt and then adapt consistently to the drinking products.

Besides, the benefit icon plays an important role of emphasizing out-standing formula of Probi expressed by healthy family image.

Vinamilk - Branding | packaging design | design

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