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Viet Capital Real Estate re-branding, website design & communications

Scope of work:
website design | website development | brand communications | photography

Viet Capital Real Estate, a subsidiary of Viet Capital Bank, needed to upgrade their brand image in a market troubled by look-a-like brands that did not stand out or appeal to the new and emerging upper-middle class of Vietnam.

The brand already had an existing brand colour system but it was not leveraged in a strategic sense or linked to fields of operations.

The red team recommended developing a new online brand appearance and offline communication materials to link the brand colours to the fields of operations that VCRE offers. red then developed a fresh and intuitive website design that at first glance offered the benefits of projects developed by VCRE.

VCRE now has a cohesive and consistent brand personality that sets itself apart from other “me too brands” in the market.

Viet Capital Real Estate - website design | website development | brand communications | photography

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