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Vinamilk Spoon Yoghurt packaging design

Scope of work:
packaging design | brand development

The integration of spoon yoghurt as a new SKU into the 100% Fresh Milk range needed new packaging to communicate the tasty and fresh appeal of spoon yoghurt from Vinamilk.

The packaging hierarchy was built on the existing imagery elements of the range and strategically mixed with consumer and cultural insights into how yoghurt is perceived as truly 100% fresh in Vietnam.

The key insight identified by the red team was to integrate a local, special shaped glass where fresh homemade yoghurt is served across Vietnam and to adapt this to appeal within the packaging design.

Color-coding systems where introduced with the foresight of future SKU’s to help the consumer with the identification of their preferred Vinamilk yoghurt taste.

Vinamilk Spoon Yoghurt
Vinamilk - packaging design | brand development

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